Last June 17th, 2022, Marine Technology Centre (CTN), as project coordinator, organised the Mid-term meeting of QUIETSEAS project.

This progress meeting was held remotely and attended by project partners and Advisory Board members. The aim of this meeting was to share the progress made during the first year of the project and also introduce the work to be performed until the project end.

All project activities were presented by their activity leader. They introduced the work done so far and the forthcoming tasks to be performed in the next months.

It is important to highlight the Deliverables submitted to the European Commission from the begining of the project. They can be downloaded here.

One of the main results of QUIETSEAS project is the development of D11 data and information management tool to facilitate harmonization and data sharing, so the team is working hard to get a common platform for impulsive and continuous noise. A tool for impulsive underwater sound (D11-MSFD) monitoring and assessment in the Mediterranean Sea Region was developed within the previous QUIETMED & QUIETMED2 projects. Have a look here.