Assisting cooperation for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive on underwater noise

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For better management of D11

This project aims to support Member States and Competent Authorities providing methods and tools to facilitate Descriptor 11-Underwater noise management.



▪ Environmental Management ▪ Boosting cooperation ▪  Science-based policy ▪

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Objective 1

Identify relevant indicators for risk of impact assessment​ of shipping noise

acoustic propagation modelling

Objective 2

Consolidation of indicators on the state, pressure and impacts of underwater noise

methodology to establish threshold values for continuous sound

Objective 3

Promote harmonisation of regional work on threshold values

GES assessment

Objective 4

Providing management tools for GES assessment​

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Objective 5

Demonstrate the effectiveness of coordinated mitigation measures to reduce shipping noise

mitigation measures

Objective 6

Promote (sub)regional cooperation in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea

QUIETSEAS is being developed by an expert team for science-based policy advice

The consortium is made up of 10 entities, including relevant actors of the Common Implementation Strategy, Competent Authorities, Intergovernmental entities, Research Centres and Universities.


Facilitating underwater noise management

QUIETSEAS is a project funded by the DG Environment of the European Commission within the call “DG ENV/MSFD 2020” Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). This call funds the next phase of MSFD implementation. The project has a duration of 24 months starting on February 2021. is built on the work developed by the QUIETMED (2017-2019) and QUIETMED2 (2019-2021) projects.

A new tool will be released as output of Activity 7.

News & Press

19th TG-Noise Meeting

CTN, as cordinator of QUIETSEAS, was invited to attend the 19 th Meeting of the MSFD Common Implementation Strategy Technical Group on Underwater Noise (TG-Noise), celebrated virtually on 26th October 2021. During the meeting, Noelia Ortega, as Project Coordinator,...

Kick-off meeting of QUIETSEAS Project

Kick-off meeting of QUIETSEAS Project

Last 22th of Februarty, the Marine Technology Centre (CTN), as project coordinator, organised the kick-off meeting of QUIETSEAS project 'Assisting (sub) regional cooperation for the practical implementation of the MSFD second cycle by providing methods and tools for...