QUIETSEAS Project is organised around 4 thematic blocks (TB), developed through 9 different activities.

Work Plan Structure QUIETSEAS

Thematic Blocks

QuietSeas Tematic Block 1

Indicators and thresholds

Indicators will be defined to propose a methodology for assessing the risk of impact due to underwater noise and establish threshold values. Once the methodologies are defined, its applicability will be tested in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions through the first exercise of GES assessment for impulsive and continuos noise in both regions.

QuietSeas Tematic Block 2

Coordinated (sub)regional assessments

Management tools will be developed to a) facilitate Competent Authorities the noise management, b) support the management, harmonisation, data sharing and reporting of continuous noise data, c) support the implementation of the monitoring programmes d) enable the preliminary assessment of the risk of impact on biodiversity by continuous noise sources, in particular marine traffic.

QuietSeas Tematic Block 3


A practical exercise will be performed based on two cases studies to assess and quantify the effectiveness of corresponding potential joint measures that address the transboundary pressure caused by continuous underwater noise.One of them will be a multi-scenario of vessel speed slowdown. The other one will be the opportunistic activity-dependent scenario of traffic reduction created by the COVID-19 lockdown

QuietSeas Tematic Block 4

Subregional cooperation

The QUIETSEAS project will continue reinforcing links among Sea Regions by performing specific capacity building events, training sessions and networking activities. It will pay spetial attention to the cooperation in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea Regions, fostering cooperation between EU and non EU Member States.



Boosting Cooperation. Deliverables will be available in this section during the progress of the project. Download and share them!


Definition of regional specificities of a risk-based approach for continuous sound assessment in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea regions

acoustic propagation modelling
Recommendations on acoustic propagation modelling for continuous sound assessment
methodology to establish threshold values for continuous sound

Proposal of a methodology to establish threshold values for continuous sound in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea regions

 GES assessment

Preliminary GES assessment of D11 underwater noise in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea Region

tool by payungkead

Common operational tools to assist maritime decision making for a sustainable management of sensitive marine areas

mitigation measures

Best practices of subregional cooperation to set mitigation measures to address underwater continuous noise pollution.